Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Coming up!

It has been a while to say the least. Nothing much has happened in the corseting area, except browsing pictures on the internet and drooling of course.

But the last couple of weeks has actually left some room for sewing and I was in desperate need of completing my Edwardian wardrobe for a picnic that took place this last weekend, a delightful event that me and my sambo have attended one time before. The picnic is held in Gothenburgs botanical garden on the 6th of June every year. The theme is the turn of the century, but everything victorian, edwardian, steampunk or even modern is welcome. It is mostly about eating cake and playing croquet anyway. For most of the day the rain was pouring but we had a nice time anyway.

For the next couple of days I will attempt to dismantle my outfit and write about the pieces I have made myself, mainly the skirt, petticoat and hat. The shirtwaist is a find from Ebay that might be antique, but I am not positive about it. The whole ensemble is composed around my TVE01 corset that i have written about previously. 

Stay tuned!

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